We are so excited to have you along for our one of many adventures with Papito.

This book and more to come are one of the many ways to celebrate our cultura.


Papito and The Squeezebox

Papito and The Squeezebox


Writing has always been a passion of mine, and being able to turn it into a fulfilling career is one of my greatest achievements. Papito has been a way for me to support our culture and share the magic with my two boys. I can only hope that this story and many others in the future will inspire young children. 



Teresa Morales

Phoenix, Arizona

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Papito and the Squeezebox

December 02, 2019

After spending countless hours working on this book all year, I’m proud to announce its release. I wanted so much to have this book show the beauty of Tejano Music and Chicano Culture. I truly believe we have succeeded!
I'm happy to have it out for you to soon enjoy.  This project couldn't have happened without the team of creatives who put their talents together to make it a reality. Click below to find out more about the team behind the book. 

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